I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know how pleased I was with the EZ Strip Paint and Varnish Remover stripping product you recommended. I have to strip the woodwork on my boat every couple years and re-varnish. Whenever I used varnish removers in the past they were always very toxic and I had to be very careful with them. I was skeptical about using an ecofriendly product to perform what I thought would for sure require a much more abrasive product. EZ Strip worked like a champ and furthermore it was extremely gentle on the surrounding surfaces allowing me to move a lot quicker. I’m sold on the product and will now always use it for my biannual woodworking torture!

Steve Holloway

Vancouver General Contractors



“I have serious issues with chemicals of all kinds, I read your labels and thought I would give it a try. Loved the results from stripping a cabinet over 100 years old. Here is pictures of the results. 

Shelby Craigen





“This week we had a project, where we had to strip commercial flooring glue out of a unit. no one could tell us anything good except cover it over. well we used EZ Strip, and it worked awesome! 

A.S.K Contracting


“I had CJB Restorations test out the EZ Strip Textured Coating Remover ‘stipple remover’ on a well painted (est. 4 coats) 30 year old ‘Tuff-Tex’ ceiling. He masked off the room, rolled the ceiling, covered it and left it overnight (20 hours). Next day took the plastic off and when he touched it with his scrapper it all fell on the floor! He said that you could see that the stipple was loose when he took off the plastic. One unexpected thing is that it took the drywall filler with it! That wasn’t a bad thing as he was going to fill it anyway.

He does like the product and will continue to use it. The next time he will wait on site and test it out for optimum results. Since we received the product I have tested out the All Purpose Remover on some of the more ‘unsightly’ racking around the store. In my opinion it’s far better than ‘Goof-off’. No odour, no oily residue, a lot easier to use and it works as well or better than anything else. Thought you would like the update. 


CJB Restorations

I stripped my table tops with the EZ Strip Paint and Varnish Remover gel inside my house, and it worked great. No fumes, no issues on my skin, just like you said. FYI, afterwards, I painted the kitchen table with primer- all ok, and used oil-based polyurethane with “pecan” stain on the family room table. What you may find interesting is I spilled a toonie sized drop of the stain on the carpet. Normally I would have used thinner, solvent, or simple green and hoped for the best and dealt with the smell, and smear of stain. This time I used the EZ Strip All Purpose Remover, and it diluted and removed the oil based stain from the carpet with no residue or smell! I would say the product works great for lazy painters or wood staining types!! I’m definitely buying more when I use this batch up. The other guys in the office are trying it on their tough projects as well.

Roy Klymchuk


Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the EZ Strip All Purpose Remover product. I used it on some drops of paint on my carpet after I did some touch up paint work on my wall. Just squirted it on, waited a minute and it all came out with a wet rag. No stain no mess. Just awesome! I also tried it on a glass Pyrex dish with baked on food. It hasn’t been clean for years. I sprayed it on then put it in the dishwasher on a two hour delay. Just before it hit the dry cycle, I whipped off the crud. It’s good as new.
Just to let you know, my bottle of EZ Strip All Purpose Remover spilled on my new black jeans and I didn’t notice for about 8 hours. I threw them in the wash and they came out perfect. No colour loss, no marks. By the way, I use it at school on the Sharpie marks on my student’s desks. They just wipe right off. I am letting everyone I know about this product!

Shannon Jefferson

Department Head of Special Education

As a single mom one of my few luxuries when I come home from work is sitting out on my deck with my kids and plants. Our deck has seen better days and has so many coats of paint that it could not simply be sanded and painted over. Using EZ Strip Paint and Varnish Remove to strip the paint off my deck and railing turned out to be a huge relief. Not only did it make my job easier to scrape off the multiple old layers of paint. Its water based formula gave me peace of mind knowing my children, plants, and newly acquired kitten Sasha were safe. Thank you EZ Strip now I can have a long lasting paint job and enjoy my deck to the fullest! 

Trish Gallant



“No fumes, easy clean-up and it took less than 2 hours to strip and prep a dresser for stain. It was the quickest strip job ever! Here’s a product I can honestly say I’ll use again for many reasons. EZ Strip Professional Strength Paint and Varnish Stripper has everything going for it.  It comes out of the jug as a thick paste that quickly gels and thickens as it dissolves the old finish. This gel is easily managed, no sloppy mess to sop up with paper towels. One application, wait 15 minutes, scrape off and most of the work was done. A quick scrub with water and scrub pad was all that was needed to remove any remaining finish and neutralize the stripper. Then, everything cleaned up with a cloth and plain old water! Very nice.”

Sherry Bush

Hello EZ Strip,

I wanted to send a big thank you for the fantastic paint stripping product you have made available. We had a major renovation done at our house this summer and were away while the work was being done. When we returned home we uncovered a huge mess in our tiled shower.

The painting contractor used our laundry sink to clean his brushes, paint trays, etc. When the water was flushed down the pipe, it caused a clog, which unfortunately resulted in dirty paint water backing up into our shower stall. To make matters worse, bags of clothing and linens were being temporarily stored in the shower and the water back up went unnoticed for a couple of weeks. When we returned we found an absolute mess. Fortunately, I had some of your EZ Strip Paint and Varnish Remover left over from a previous project and decided to give it a try. It worked fantastically!! We were able to clean the shower in no time and not have to worry about any toxic fumes or harsh smells in the house. Thank you!

Kate Burton

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