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Remove wallpaper safely from drywall, wood, and other hard surfaces:

  1. Prep room by covering floor with plastic this will protect your floor and allow for easy clean-up
  2. Score surface well with a wallpaper scoring tool before application.
  3. Apply EZ Strip Professional Strength Popcorn Ceiling Remover to surface, product can be applied by brush (recommended) or roller.
  4. Wait time dependent on layers of paint on top of wallpaper and age of wallpaper approx. 1 – 4 hours test a small area first
  5. For wait times over 4 hours cover area with plastic to increase penetration
  6. Carefully scrape softened paper with a mud spatula or flat blade scraper use caution not to gouge or damage surface with scraping tool
  7. Wipe surface with a clean, white cloth and warm water

Warning: Before starting any paint or textured coating stripping project that may contain lead or asbestos please be sure to test it first. Test kits are inexpensive and available at your local hardware store or online.

If your test is positive for lead or asbestos, EZ Strip strongly recommends that you contact a qualified, licensed restoration or renovation contractor in your area for advice and a quote. Licensed contractors will have the training, employees, safety equipment and disposal facilities available to handle the project.

Paint Disposal: EZ Strip encapsulates paint being removed and is safe to be disposed of in your household garbage. However, if you suspect there could be lead in the paint you want to remove test it first. Lead based paint must be disposed of in accordance with the laws of your area of residence.

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